Beyond tradition awaits the unexpected!  Encapsulates our vision of clothes made with great passion to make women feel special on and off dance-floor.

Timeless, classy, original, unique – these are just few representations of women’s wear collection offered by LIBERTAS ATELIER.  Created and produced by Libusha Steele in her London Atelier.

Clothes are designed with the Argentinian Tango in mind, but the creative idea behind many pieces is to have its life beyond dance floor. We hope that our clothes brings you joy to wear from day to night, whether you dance or not.

Our Ballet skirts collection comes from Libusha’s love of ballet, as once she was a professional dancer.  Among our wrap skirts you’ll find ever popular solid shades; limited prints and pull-on stretch mesh skirts. Fabrics are updated regularly bringing a refreshing look and versatility to your ballet attire.



Libusha Steele is a professional dancer/ teacher/ choreographer turned fashion designer and maker. She established Libertas Atelier in 2015 as her creative expression trough fashion design.

Her performing career includes performing on stage, film, theatres, commercials, and fashion shows. She pried herself in understanding of functionality and aesthetics of dance clothes. Her love of fashion, couture, timeless style transfers to her line of clothes for the Argentinian Tango.

She takes aspiration from the era of Art Deco and is drawn to use lots of abstract prints, many of them with lots of geometrics lines, which then are constructed to enhance the female silhouette.

“Give me a challenging print and IT tells me what make from it”